Taiwanese student one of only eight recipients of wine scholarship (2011/05/23) 民視

Many people like a glass of fine wine with dinner but one student in Taipei is looking to make a career in the wine business. Wang Yi-ting 王依亭 was originally studying international management but surprised her parents by suddenly deciding to go into the wine industry. After winning a scholarship worth NT$2 million to study in Europe, it's looking more and more like she made the right choice.

The different glasses for different wine types, wine tasting and pouring methods are all familiar points of learning for Wang Yi-ting. Her conversion from graduate student to wine enthusiast started back in her last year at college.

Wang Yi-ting
Fu Ren University Graduate Student
My first experience was in France. We went to a winery and there was a garbage can on the table. The garbage can was for people to spit the wine into. I thought, wow, so you are supposed drink a mouthful and then spit it out. There's even a skill in how you spit.

Wang's parents were very reluctant to allow their daughter to give up her studies majoring in international management to study wine.

Wang Yi-ting
Fu Ren University Graduate Student
We probably argued more than a hundred times. The thing I heard the most was, in the future, if the salary is so low that you can't achieve the standard of living you want, then leave your interest as a hobby while you work at something else. But I'm the type of person to do what I want and advocate freedom for everyone. So no one can get in my way.

By sticking to her guns, Wang became one of only eight recipients, and the only Taiwanese, to be given a NT$2 million scholarship that will help her travel to Europe to complete her studies in wine industry management.