About Taiwanese young people(1)

This is a tendency and also a phenomenon in Taiwan, we share the lowest birth rate of the world. Less than 1 kid per family, more and more teachers lose their jobs due to the diminution of birth. A term called “spend all in a month (月光族)” comes out, because Taiwanese spend all of their earning in each end of month instead of saving. The incredible increasing price with a relatively low average income status, this stimulates Taiwanese young people to enjoy their life at the present moment. Since we cannot afford a house or the charge to elevate a kid, people tend to spend money on high quality product or focus on material consumption. Another interesting is this big island lived 23 million food lovers. We love food, and we love to eat something delicate. Only if the price is not out of imagination, no matter how far the restaurant will be hidden (on the mountain or in the forest), we will definitely find it out and queue up until the food coming into our mouth. Less and less people cook in the young generation because the food are very easy to be found everywhere on the street 24/24. Also we take good care about art, music and words. New term named “literature youth (文青)” is popular recently, meanwhile another opposite term called “fake literature youth (假文青)” also comes out, expressing those people who don’t like literature or writings however pretend as so. This can be conveyed through those who take poetic photos on themselves or writing pieces of phrases form time to time with a pathetic ton on internet media.

What can we observe the wine market from this young new generation?

To be continued…..