“Miss Vicky”: The most creative angel from Beaujolais (English version)

What’s your imagination of Beaujolais new (Nouveau) wine? What’s the difference between Beaujolais new wine and Beaujolais wine? Why when we talk about the festivals, the first thing comes into our mind will be the Beaujolais new wine? What is the power that Bacchus gives inside this liquid? I will say the Beaujolais wine is the source of human nature, the simplicity, the happiness, the enjoyment without sophisticated rules. I often eat grilled meat with Beaujolais wine, and it also goes well with all kind of daily food. The last but not least, it brings friends together!    

Another point that Beaujolais Nouveau attracts me is the possibility of “out of imagination”. It could be demonstrated on the wine label designs, photos, wine related activities and food paring, etc. Young people (wine maker or brand creators) have launched their ideas on all kind of possibilities, which always revive the brand image of Beaujolais! In Asia, personally I think the food goes well with Beaujolais wines, especially the Beaujolais Nouveau due to its fruity and fresh characters which could match well with the complex and abundant flavors in Asian dishes (Which always have been served at one time). The ideal Asian dishes in my mind will be “fried sea food”, “sauce grilled meat”, ”fried noodles with soy sauce ”, “pineapple fried rice ”, etc. Next time try some Beaujolais Nouveau while having Asian food, you might find some surprise!

I met Vicky from the brand and website that she created, “Vicky Wine”.  Her father is a wine maker in Beaujolais, making cru wines in Fleurie and Moulin-à-vent. The winery is named ‘’Château des Moriers’’, with five generation family history. They also sell Beaujolais Nouveau wines come from the south part of Beaujolais, producing by her cousins. Vicky named Anne-Victoire, a French girl who studied social psychology in France for bachelor degree, then went to England for master degree after on. In 2008 she graduated from a Msc in London and started looking for a job. ” I luckily started with an internship in Social Media PR in an American agency in Paris. There I learnt how to use social media for brands and I opened a wine blog. I thought that writing about wine was a good way to travel in wine countries all around the world, enrich my wine culture and help my family wines sell abroad.” Vicky said. After creating her own brand, she started with organizing wine tasting in trendy Parisians wine bars with guest winemakers in 2009, and now she makes wine related products with some cool logos and slogans on the T-shirts, medals, etc.  

Sometimes drinking wine is just a personal declaration to express yourself! Take it easy and enjoy your life! Viva Beaujolais!

Ps. Keep your eye on the next interview with Miss Vicky!